Pointe Shoes in Miami

Innovative! FR DUVAL


A Contemporary Pointe Shoe made with modern materials for a traditional look. State of the art construction gives the FR Duval a longer lasting life for a reliable dancing experience. 

FR Duval pointe shoes are the end result of 30 years of pointe shoe making tradition & experience and the input of hundreds of professional dancers on how a modern ballet shoe should look and feel like.

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Why FR Duval?


Invented by Franck Raoul-Duval, FR Duval pointe shoes are based on a completely new mixture of modern and traditional materials with superior characteristics as compared to traditional pointe shoes and the ones that use only synthetic materials.

 The materials used in FR Duval pointe shoes combine the best features of both worlds: A longer lasting sole as compared to a traditional pointe shoe while also still providing a maximum of feel for dancers which is sometimes missing from artificial materials used in other pointe shoe brands. 

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