All About Fitting Pointe Shoes


Ballet Essentials - Sansha Miami - Your Perfect Fit!


Is this your first pair? Have you been dancing en pointe for years? Do not worry, whatever your pointe level is, Ballet Essentials provides you with exclusive Sansha and FR Duval Pointe shoes, and with the experience to help you find your perfect fit!


Ballet Essentials reserves the right to fit pointe shoes on only students who have been approved by their instructor/dance school to begin to dance en pointe. When deciding to dance en pointe, the dancer accepts the risks associated to this style of dance. Dancing under the supervision and the advice of a trained pointe instructor is essential in keeping said risks to a minimum.

Let's Get Ready!

Once you have scheduled a fitting, you will have a one-on-one personalized Pointe Shoe fitting just for yourself. You may wear convertible tights and make sure to bring in your own pointe shoe padding, the ones you normally wear or have been recommended by your instructor. If you do not have any, no worries, we have plenty in stock and you will be able to get new ones with your new pointe shoes. For those who are experienced pointe shoe dancers, we recommend bringing your old pair of pointe shoes so that we may help you address any issues you may have had with them. 

How to Schedule a Fitting

Please e-mail us to schedule your fitting. Because we want to make sure you get the best fitting experience, we need to spend the time in knowing about your fitting needs; therefore, walk in fittings are not available, unless you already know which specific pointe shoe you are ready to purchase.  Ballet Essentials Pointe shoe Fitting fee is $35, which is applied to your shoe purchase. This policy is necessary due to on-line competition, which cannot offer you this same kind of service.

 First time pointe students can take about an hour as they get familiar with the feeling of wearing hard pointe shoes for the first time and telling the fitting difference between shoes. Dancers with experience ususally take less time; regardless, we our goal is to help you find your perfect fit! 


First Time Pointe Students

If you are a first time pointe student, please find out your school/instructor preferences regarding pointe shoes. If you are unsure, take shoes to your instructor before sewing elastics and ribbons (return policy)

Please come prepared with this information in with this information.

How much do Pointe Shoes Cost?

Shoes vary in price. Normally you will have to purchase the pointe shoes, and also purchase the ribbons and elastics separately adding to the cost of the shoe. However, at Ballet Essentials Sansha Miami, Your ribbons and elastics are included at no cost to your purchase.

Why purchase local?

Even if you know the exact pointe shoe size you wear, we encourge you to try them on before you purchase simply because pointe shoes are hand made and they vary from pair to pair.