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Pointe Shoes

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Pointe Shoes, Pointe Shoes Accessories, Ribbons, Elastics, Pointe Shoe Pads & more Pointe Ballet Essentials.

Ballet Slippers

Ballet shoes, leather ballet shoes

Best quality Leather and Canvas ballet slippers for children & adults.



Tights - Class Ballet Essentials for children and adults.



Basic Class Leotards for children & adults. A Ballet Essential!


warm ups, leg warmers, unitard, sweaters, booties

Leg warmers, warmer pants, warm-up unitards, sweaters, booties, Ballet essentials for warming up!

Bags & Accessories

Damce Bag, ballet accessories

Find your perfect Dance Bag for all of your Ballet Essentials. Mesh Bags, Hair Bun Accessories, Stud Earrings, 

Ballet Essentials


Pointe Shoe Expert Fitting

Whether it is your very first Pointe Shoes or you are looking for a great fitting, reliable, long lasting, and/or innovative pointe shoe, Ballet Essentials (Ballet store in Miami) got you covered! We specialize in SANSHA & FR DUVAL Pointe shoes - 30 years of pointe shoe making tradition & experience and the input of hundreds of professional dancers on how a modern ballet shoe should look and feel like. Find your Perfect Fit Pointe Shoes in Miami!


FR Duval Pointe Shoes

A Contemporary Pointe Shoe made with modern materials for a traditional look. State of the art construction gives the FR Duval a longer lasting life for a reliable dancing experience.


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